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    In the 17th Century, English poet John Donne wrote a famous phrase stating that, “No man is an island.” While we live in the San Juan Islands, it is always important to know that no one is an island and we are not alone.

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    We Are an EMS Agency

    Emergency medical services (EMS) is a component of the emergency service system. As a system, none of these component services stand alone. They must be fully linked to operate effectively and efficiently. SJIF&R is the largest EMS agency in the district, and one of six in the county.

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    129,158 Minutes

    129,158 is how many minutes SJIF&R responders have been on active calls in the past year. 43 of your island neighbors contributed to that total, answering your requests for assistance 1,016 times.

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    Why do we respond to medical calls?

    Or, why do fire engines go to calls where there’s no fire? We get this question a lot. To say it is the national standard, which it is, is too quick an answer to a good question. So, let’s dive into this a bit more.

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    Moving Forward Post Election

    As the year comes to a close, your San Juan Island Fire and Rescue (SJIF&R) responders and I wished to take a moment to reflect where we are today and what the future holds.

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    Vehicle Auction: Easy Bid Process for Surplus Vehicle

    San Juan Island Fire and Rescue is offering a surplus vehicle for sale by an easy sealed bid process: 2000 Nissan Xterra 4-door, 4WD SE Sport Utility Vehicle. Gasoline engine with automatic transmission at 194,464 miles.

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    Boat Rescue

    This is the first in a series of stories about the people of our islands - your neighbors and friends that work and volunteer as members of San Juan Island Fire and Rescue. These are actual events – stories about emergency responses in and around our islands.

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    Become a Volunteer Emergency Responder

    San Juan Island Fire and Rescue (SJIF&R) is seeking volunteers to join our comprehensive emergency services agency, in a number of roles to serve our islands’ communities.