Board of Commissioners

SJI Fire & Rescue is governed by the elected, three member Board of Commissioners for San Juan County Fire District #3.

Board members are elected at-large, and serve a six-year term (RCW 52.14.060).

Current Commissioners

  • Frank Cardinale (Chair)
  • Albert Olson (Vice Chair)
  • Dwight Colley

Executive Team Bios

Frank Cardinale (Commissioner, Chair)

  • 36.5 years with San Francisco Fire Department, worked through ranks to Assist. Chief
  • 2 years as Director of Training for Fire and EMS for San Francisco FD
  • Involved when San Fran FD took over EMS and transport from County
  • 36 years as an EMT and EMT instructor
  • 20 years as instructor for the National Fire Academy in ICS and Operations

Albert Olson (Commissioner, Vice-Chair)

  • Over 50 years as a Fire Commissioner in both fire only and fire/EMS organizations.
  • Commissioner when 3 Island County Fire Districts merged
  • 10 yrs as a District Fire Chief
  • 12 years as an EMT
  • FireFighter since 1967; retired as a volunteer firefighter in 2018

Dwight Colley (Commissioner)

new commissioner background coming soon.

Norvin Collins (Dept. Chief)

  • 12 years as Fire Chief (10yrs in Small Combination Fire and EMS department)
  • Over 15 years as a Chief Officer
  • Over 32 years as a paramedic (both private and public agencies)
  • 10 years Field Training Officer for Fire and EMS
  • 12 years as lead paramedic and EMT instructor for College and University
  • Over 27 years in fire service as FF/Paramedic and company officer